The agricultural sector exacerbated the crisis by the lack of water and hailstones

The agricultural sector exacerbated the crisis by the lack of water and hailstones

Monday, May 19, 2014, Mendoza, Argentina.

In the town of San Rafael in the province of Mendoza, the need to produce raw material to provide a few canneries that are working in the department arises, since a large percentage of tomato, pepper and vegetable processing must be brought of Uco Valley and San Juan. This situation has been going on for some time, as it significantly reduced the cultivated area to risk that means planting in the open sky and be exposed to the hail that destroye in minutes plantations, causing losses that no one is willing to face.

It was talk at a meeting to bring San Rafael INTA program that is held with the support of local canners and ensures that who lost the harvest the same recieve. But then, the system works in areas where it is atypical hailstones, as said a professional INTA. Moreover, he added, are evaluating whether the Uco Valley is convenient, instead caters do in San Juan province that does not have this kind of factories, but the day that companies are installed in place our lucky for cannery will pitch

So that to revive the cultivation of tomato, pepper and vegetables to industrialize is needed protect crops with a mesh against hail, since the fight with planes, although it is better than nothing does not completely prevent the hailstones.

Another negative factor for crops of all kinds at the moment is the lack of surface water or ground water to provide moisture to the plants, necessary for their development and production. Every time there is less water by the phenomenon of climate change, and the little water that you have to be optimized to the maximum. This means having pivot irrigation systems and drip, but these demand a large investment and the vast majority of producers are not financially able to tackle a project of this magnitude. In this situation, the government authorities are responsible for analyzing potential solutions to thousands of producers who observe with despair the future.

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