The irrigation.

Juan G. R., G. E. Dehoguez, L. Tzenova. The irrigation.

Editorial People and Education. Havana, Cuba, 1996.

The text covers key aspects of irrigation that comprising: its history, relations with the soil water and soil water plant, irrigation and agrotecnia, land levelling, irrigation systems, surface irrigation with his theory, the design networks and major hydrometer works. In preparation of the book has done extensive literature review, at the national and international levels, which enables greater update on the matter. The solutions to the problems of irrigation have been approached by different routes, with the aim of using different procedures, in order to obtain the response of a given solution.

In chapters 3 and 4 are discussed various aspects related to irrigation and the water requirements of economic crops, in the same reflects the water needs of tobacco variety for different Cuban provinces, with a national average of 1633 m3/ha and 7 irrigation, for a time of medium transplanting.

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Luciano Vidal
Luciano Vidal
10 years ago