Irrigation and climate change

Irrigation and climate change

Editorial Los Andes Saturday, April 12, 2014 , Argentina .

Climate change is showing some of its consequences . We must work with urgency and seriousness that the case required to maintain water resources, essential in the province of Mendoza in Argentina, which has a desert climate. Not an easy task or prompt solution so you must act immediately to address the new needs. Investments for coating large water channels , modernization of irrigation sistem and works water construction is needed to use the rain water, mainly in the eastern and southern areas that are most affected, is also necessary that the population more aware of saving water. Climate change seems faster than many expected, hence arises the need for immediate work to mitigate its consequences.

The warning signs were on and the studies already have their conclusions. It remains work to anticipate events and to prevent Mendoza, a province that managed to gain land to desert, to continue with their farming and meet the needs of an increasing population Not an easy task or prompt solution so you must act immediately for the purpose of having sufficient financial resources to face the new needs .

Climate change has been talk for some time and much of the private sector has worked in that regard. It is no coincidence that the arable land , especially in the wine industry, have been transferred to the highlands , especially in the Valle de Uco , seeking to keep the weather conditions for the development of the best wines that need grapes grown field where there is a significant temperature variation between day and night. But there are other fundamental aspects for Mendoza, who lives on the water supplied by melting of the mountain range.

The studies provided by the International Panel on Climate Change determined that , in our province, the process becomes visible through the retreat of glaciers , which are the natural reservoirs of fresh water, which adds to the forecasts indicate that also will reduce snowfall in the high mountains and parallel increase rainfall in the plain. For a sample , said what happened last February , when he fell in a week that ten years ago fell in the summer. The General Department of Irrigation developed a strategic plan to 20 years , the 2020 Water Plan , to adapt to the new reality , “according to Contemplar. Includes, among other things, the construction of large reservoirs distributed in different areas of the province to get rainwater , emphasizing the areas east and south which are currently more affected .

The initiative raised should be complemented by other equally important . First you must think of waterproofing irrigation canals , since even that trend indicating that 10 liters that came from the dams , only four reached the plant remains , travel situation happens now remains . It should also work in supporting producers , especially fruit , wine and olive-growing , for the purpose of modifying the irrigation blanket with alternatives that allow greater use of the liquid , a situation that does not apply in the case of vegetables. Another aspect , equally important , is to establish the necessary awareness of saving water in the town to the effect that no wasted. In Mendoza , by law, provides that the priority in the water consumption the population has and only the remainder should be referred to irrigation.

Climate change seems faster than many expected. Hence arises the need for immediate work to mitigate its consequences , because what is at stake is nothing more and nothing less than the survival of our future generations.

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