Hose irrigation of covered dark tobacco under Havana conditions.

Juan G. R. Hose irrigation of covered dark tobacco under Havana conditions.

Serie Tobacco, La Habana, Cuba. Vol.4 (1): 7-20 (1981). /. / Coresta, Bulletin D´Information, Paris France.Vol.3-4 Nº 4968,1982/. / Tobacco Abstracts. North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, USA, Vol. 26 (11-12) Réf. 2111, 1982/. / Informations Documentations Centralen Vid KTHB, Stockholm, Sweden. AGRIS 08-09- 798946 F-27 Réf. 3/92 Y, 1982/.

Field experiments with dark tobacco under the cover cloth were carried out for fitting the sprinkler irrigation regime determined for the Havana province to the features of the hose irrigation, during the 1971-1972 and 1972-1973 crop seasons, at the Tobacco Experimental Station in San Antonio de los Baños. Results show that the hose irrigation with a satisfying crop water requirements, good quality yields up to 1, 9 t/ha, with 7000$/ha mean value, could be reached.

The mean total water requirement for an 84 day cycle, with seven irrigations, was 1776 m3/ha. It is concluded that the introduction of new irrigation techniques for increasing the productivity/man must ensure good quality crops.

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