Irrigation in the world and in Cuba .

Juan, G. R., G. L. Alonso, C. N. Landa. Irrigation in the world and in Cuba .

Hydraulic Will. No. 84:36-39 Havana , Cuba (1991).

A study of irrigation areas in the world was conducted and the situation of irrigation areas in Cuba by irrigation methods and economic crops was analyzed. At the end of 1987 irrigation areas of the world were 227 million hectares. At the present only 8 countries have over 5 million hectares: China , India , Soviet Union , United States , Pakistan , Indonesia , Iran and Mexico with 45, 42, 21, 18, 16, 7, 6 and 5 million hectares respectively. It represents 71 percent of total irrigation areas in the world.

In 1988 the total irrigation area in Cuba was 1 million and 38 thousand hectares, of their 514 thousand was sprinkler, 464 thousand was surface irrigation, 54 thousand machines of irrigation and 6 thousand localized irrigation. In the tobacco were irrigated 41mil hectares and dominate gravity irrigation with 25 thousand ha, in importance following the portable sprinkler irrigation with 15 thousand hectares.

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