The tobacco irrigation, it effect on the yield and quality of the harvest .

Juan G. R. The tobacco irrigation, it effect on the yield and quality of the harvest.

Madrid , Spain , 2002 .

The book has 5 units. The first unit treats about the development of experimental and production works on tobacco irrigation in Cuba , principal determinations, realized controls and the agro climatic conditions. The second unit contains the results of irrigation in seedling and tobacco plantation, the effect of irrigation on growth, development, yield and quality of the harvest, as well as the irrigation requirements of commercial tobacco varieties and the economic irrigation effectiveness.

The third considers the yield in countries with more 20000 ha, the hydric requirements by tobacco types in the productive countries and the effect of year factor on the yield and quality of the harvest. The fourth unit talks about the irrigation methods and techniques more used in tobacco seedling and plantations: surface, sprinkler, central pivot and localized. The fifth unit includes relative aspects on the management system: water resources, maintenance and reparation of hydraulic equipments, human resources, recuperate sprinkler elements, planning of irrigation and the agro technique, technique specifications for an adequate management of the system. The text has 208 pages, contains 44 tables and 63 figures.

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