Forecasting of irrigation requirements for tobacco in the Cuban conditions.

Juan G. R., Diaz M. Forecasting of irrigation requirements for tobacco in the Cuban conditions.

Science of soil, irrigation and mechanization. Havana , Cuba . Vol. 1(2- 3): 5-16, (1991). /. / Coresta, Bulletin D´Information, Paris France.Vol.2 Nº 8217, 1993.

Application results of irrigation requirement forecasting in the tobacco agricultural enterprises, during 1980-1988 period in Cuban conditions are shown. The optimal irrigation moment was determined by gravimetric method in the Western region and by bioclimatic method in the centre and Eastern region of the country. The average irrigation number and the total water requirement for the different tobacco varieties in the forecasting area, have a range from 5, 4 to 6, 6 irrigations and from 1229 m3/ha to 1523 m3/ha.

Average increase in tobacco yields of 0.14 t/ha was obtained, when the areas by forecasting and ones without it were compared. During 1987-1988 period the irrigation requirement forecasting was applied in 9952 ha .


Juan G. R., García R. E. Irrigation Forecast for determination irrigation regime in the tobacco crop by gravimetric method.

Research Institute of Irrigation and Drainage. Havana, Cuba, 1982.

The irrigation forecast by the gravimetric method, is based on establishing the time of irrigation in production conditions, through the determination of soil moisture content based on dry soil, which uses a borer for taking soil samples each 10 cm until the depth of 50 cm. Based on the research of tobacco irrigation regime in the provinces of Havana and Pinar del Rio was establish: the optimal timing of moisture must have the soil before making irrigation, the depth of irrigation and the tobacco evapotranspiration to each one of the different crop stages.

It recommends working methodology and control models for determining the irrigation moment with the employ of: borer for sampling soil moisture, recipients for soil samples, balance, stove, wringer and tweezers. It must be determined hydro physical properties of soils in each one of the tobacco enterprise in which it is necessary deploy irrigation forecast.

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