Water stress effects on the yield in bean vegetative phase

Water stress effects on grain yield in the vegetative phase in the cultivation of the bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

 Polón P. R., Miranda C. A., Ramírez A. M. A. y Maqueira L. L. A.

 Unidad Científica Tecnológica de Base (UCTB) “Los Palacios”, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agrícolas, Pinar del Río, Cuba.

 Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, ISSN -1010-2760, RNPS-0111Vol. 23, No. 4, octubre-noviembre-diciembre, 33-36), 2014, Cuba.

 The experiment was conducted in Los Palacios Experimental Station from 2010 to 2012, on a Laterized Gley Hydromorphic soil during the period from October to January in semi controlled conditions in pots of 1 m2 area, in each sowed 30 seeds of the variety Tazumal in order to evaluate the response of bean under different water stress in vegetative stage and its effect on the yield. It was found that by subjecting the cultivation of beans to water stress in vegetative stage in the variety Tazumal, increases: the grain yield, the number of pods per plant and the dry mass per plant, with a more efficient use of water relative the control treatment that was maintained with regular irrigation, grains of beans with water stress showed a brighter color and heavier than the control.




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