Effect of different depths of soil wetting on the potato yield

Zamora E., Landa N., Alvarez P. Effect of different depths of soil wetting on the potato yield.

Irrigation and Drainage Series Vol. 9, No. 2:31-42, 1986.Cuba.

The effect of depth of soil wetting on the yield of potato varieties Desirée and Claudia, with a compacted ferrallitic red soil under the conditions of the Havana province was studied. Were used 7 treatments: 3 of them consisted to irrigate for the wetting depth, 20 cm., 30 cm. and 40 cm. respectively throughout the crop cycle, the other 4 treatments were irrigated to the depth of wetting of 20 and 30 cm., 20 and 40 cm., 20 and 50 cm., 30 and 40 cm. to phase from germination until the tuber formation and tuber formation to finish the cycle of cultivation, respectively.

In all treatments, irrigation was applied when soil moisture decreased to 85% of field capacity. No significant differences were found for income between treatments and varieties studied. The cheapest option was the one that irrigated to a depth of 30 cm. from germination to the tuber formation and 40 cm. since the beginning of the tuber formation until the end of the crop cycle. Getting in this treatment an average yield of 36.5 t / ha and a savings in reducing the cost of irrigation of 9 pesos / ha.

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