Water Pollution in China

Water Pollution in China

  ANSA, Peking. China.09/02/2010. 

The Chinese government acknowledged that the country’s waters have twice the pollution of that he admitted to an official report of 2007 on the pollution of water resources. The Ministry of Environmental Protection presented the new data, but minimized the discrepancy between the document from 2007 and this year.

During a press conference, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection, Zhang Lijun, said that in 2007 the chemical oxygen demand, known by the acronym COD, a water pollution index, was 30.3 million tonnes and not 13.8 million as held by the government. Zhang attributed the difference in results to the inclusion of reflux water used in agriculture, which contributed approximately 13.2 million tons of COD and because they used different methods of calculation, since the target this time was different, too agricultural discharges were included. The official said the government is raising the quality of environmental data, but environmental organizations requested access to the full report, which appears not to be made ​​public, accused the director of Greenpeace China, Sze Pang Cheung.


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