Water tried magnetically use considerations in ornamental species.

Some considerations on the use of the water tried magnetically in ornamental species of the National Botanical Garden

Duarte C. E., Rodríguez R., Rey R, González L. y Guevara G.

Soil and Water

Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, Vol. 14, No. 1: 37-41, 2005

The results presented were obtained in the species selected by the Botanical Garden by their economic and tourist interest, to value the effect of the water tried magnetically in the cultivation and in the irrigation system. Biological and hydraulic parameters were evaluated, in comparison with the witness. Among them that are the evaluations of dynamics of growth, long of the leaves of different species of such arecas as: of Cuba (Coco thrinax crinita, endémica and Thrinax Radiata), of Brazil (Syagrus Romanzoffiana), of Australia (Wodretia Bifurcata), of Africa (Latania Loddigesii) and Asia (Pinanga Kuhlii) and determinations of the expenses means of the emitters and coefficient of uniformity to determine the efficiency of the system.

For the treatment of the waters a device magnetizer of permanent imams was used coupled to the irrigation system, with the purpose of improving the quality of the irrigation water in the Botanical Garden. The most excellent results reflect that the arecas responds to the stimulation taken place by the water tried magnetically and that it reduces the sedimentation of salts on the foliage, elevating the useful life of the irrigation system.



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