Behaviour of the active area of roots of the banana tree by drip irrigation

Behaviour of the active area of roots of the banana tree on Ferrasol soil irrigated for surface and subsurface drip irrigation.

Rodriguez Garcia M. R. y Lopez Seija T.

Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Boyeros, Havana, Cuba.

Revista Ciencias Técnicas Agropecuarias, ISSN -1010-2760, RNPS-0111, Vol. 23, No. 3 (julio-agosto-septiembre, pp. 5-10), Soil and Water, 2014, Cuba.

The fundamental objective of the present work is to deepen in the knowledge of the processes that govern the behaviour of the active area of banana roots on Ferrasol soil under surface and subsurface trickle irrigation. The results of experiments carried out in the Irrigation Station, located in Alquizar, to the south of Havana are analyzed. The water balance was determined in each treatment by the method of Mass Balance using the hydrodynamic characterization of the soil profile.

The analysis of the results suggests as conclusions that in the surface treatment, the 80% of the total decrease of the water reserve in the soil profile occurs in depths from 0 to 18 inches, as well as the biggest contribution to the total crop evapotranspiration, while in the subsurface treatments the area of bigger daily variations of the water reserve, goes increasing toward the inferior layers from 12 to 28 inches, that shows an increase of the area of water extraction by the roots, revealed in the biggest contribution of the soil deepest layers to the total crop evapotranspiration.


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