Sanitation coverage in Cuba.

Sanitation coverage in Cuba.
Taken of Cuba Water Resources. Group of Authors of the National Hydraulic Resources Institute 2011, Cuba. — Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, Tecnológico de Monterrey, FEMSA Foundation, IDB

The total sanitation coverage reached the value of 95.5% of the population, 10.8 million people, to the end of 2009. With sewer connection 35%, 4.1 million, latrines and septic a 60%, 6.7 million inhabitants. There are 511 sites with sewer and 4952.7 km of collector sewer. The volume of wastewater discharged by sewer systems is 35.4%.

The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources manages and operates eight sewage treatment plants, 126 pumping stations and 304 wastewater stabilization ponds. Is a priority in the development of the activity of sanitation, grow and consolidate the work in the rehabilitation and completion of existing sewer systems.

The construction of sanitation in terms of increase the coverage is a strategic task to improve the quality of life and improve hygiene health of the population. Controls and the responsibility are required to the production and service entities that cause waste, including in their economic technical plans the resources required for treatment and maintenance. In this respect this principle also applies to any new investment.

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Estudio impacto ambiental
Estudio impacto ambiental
8 years ago

Las políticas ambientales de Cuba son un ejemplo para el resto de países, este post no hace más que confirmar la afirmación de que este país no solo es sostenible sino que con los pocos recursos que tienen, debido al bloqueo estadounidense, son capaces de seguir avanzando.