Some considerations on energy saving in irrigation

Landa C. N., Juan G. R. Some considerations on energy saving in irrigation.

Research Institute of Irrigation and Drainage, La Havana, Cuba, 1984/. /Submitted to I Forum of Energy, La Havana, Cuba, 1984/.

Under the conditions of Cuba Agriculture is the largest user of water available sources of supply of surface and groundwater in the country and demand a large consumption of energy, so that a rational use of water for irrigation will enable energy savings. To achieve an efficient energy saving in irrigation are recommended the following measures:
Should ensure a proper marriage of the pump and the engine, to ensure the rational exploitation of the pumping equipment, with the aim of obtaining an efficient consumption of energy resources.

It is necessary to control the timing of irrigation, by the method of forecasting, with the aim of ensuring the best use of irrigation water, with the respective energy savings. Make a proper irrigation water management, leading to profitable crops and reduce energy consumption and the volume of water used. Should avoid leakage of water through pipes and channels driving to reduce the amount of water to pump and make the corresponding energy savings.

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