Agro economic study of the Heroic Vietnam dam.

Juan G. R. Agro economic study of the Heroic Vietnam dam.

National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, Havana, Cuba, 1966. / First National Conference of Fruit culture, Havana, Cuba, 1966. /

Heroic Vietnam Dam is located in the New River, on the Isle of Pines, from the Republic of Cuba. The study was dedicated to agro economic cultivation of the Grapefruit, due to that the region meets special conditions for growing this species of citrus. The irrigation system used is sprinkler. As a basis of calculation was establish that 70% of the production would be for export and 30% for the domestic market.

A study comparing the economic value of production, costs and profit from the Grapefruit cultivation with irrigated conditions and without irrigation was realized. The economic losses caused by the construction of hydraulic works was determined and proceeded to calculate the value of additional profits, the time to recover Hydraulic investments and determination of the main technical economic indicators. The recovery time of the investment was 12 to 13 years and recommended the implementation of the Hydraulic Work

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